Central Missionary Clearinghouse is a non-profit corporation organized to promote Christianity and its principles through evangelistic and missionary endeavors including the establishing of churches and schools, translating, printing and distributing Bibles and Christian literature, and the use of all media available to present acceptably the message of Christianity.

Since the inception of Central Missionary Clearinghouse in 1974, our sole desire has been to render a service to missionaries who have been called of the Lord to serve Him, primarily on the foreign mission field.  It is our purpose to provide for "... those for whom nothing has been prepared." (Nehemiah 8:10), and to that end we endeavor to serve missionaries at as little cost to them as possible.

It has never been our goal to profit from those who have given their life to serve the Lord, but rather to be the hands at home that enable them to be effective on their field of ministry.  As we accomplish this goal, we understand that the support of the local church, both prayerfully and financially, is the key to the fulfillment of this desire.

In 1974, one missionary came aboard seeking CMC's services.  He and his family immediately began their deputation to go to Uruguay.  CMC has never advertised; therefore, this family introduced CMC to many pastors and churches.  Word of CMC's services spread among missionary candidates and pastors so that we now have more than 600 missionary families.  Over the years we have learned to keep expenditures as low as possible; therefore, any financial aid to the CMC operations would be greatly appreciated.