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Central Missionary Clearinghouse is a non-profit corporation organized to promote Christianity and its principles through evangelistic and missionary endeavors including the establishing of churches and schools, translating, printing and distributing Bibles and Christian literature, and the use of all media available to present acceptably the message of Christianity.

If you want us to add your ministry to our online giving or our missionary list, just let us know.

Our Desire is to complement the work being done and the services being rendered by other organizations by providing for "those for whom nothing has been prepared." Nehemiah 8:10. 

Introducing our new online giving solution.  It is available now for all of our missionaries and donors to more effectively donate and manage your giving.  For more information, please call the office and we will help you get set up.




Matthew, Alisha and Andrea are brother and sisters who have grown up on the missions field and now serve the Lord as individually supported missionaries in Chuuk, Micronesia, where their family has lived as missionaries since 1997.  A lot of their ministry involves radio, and Bible Baptist Radio Station is the only Christian radio station in Chuukese.  Chuuk is made up of many small islands, both inside and outside the famous Chuuk (formerly Truk) Lagoon.  The center island Weno has a small airport and runway, but the other islands in Chuuk have to be reached by boat.


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